The Entrepreneurs Center: a technology commercialization accelerator and incubator.


In 2015, The Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, OH contracted The Entrepreneurs Center to run a pilot program for advancing the commercial pathways of Phase I SBIR recipients. Now they're doing more.

TEC offers an infrastructure that encourages development of innovative, market-oriented, technology-based products and services. The facilities include: fiber optic connection up to 100 mbps; built-in enterprise firewall and a Vodavi XTS Communication System that includes voice mail, conference calling, call forward, caller ID and wireless capability.

This year, TEC is partnering with Wright Brothers
Institute and Air Force SBIR/STTR to work with a select few SBIR/STTR
companies to sculpt business value propositions out of new innovations and
gravitate toward commercialization opportunities.


The Entrepreneurs Center
High-Science Incubator & Technology Accelerator

Air Force Research Laboratory
Sponsoring Organization


The Wright Brothers Institute
Experienced Entrepreneurs and Linkage to the Air Force Research Laboratory


Associates & Staff

Scott Koorndyk
President of The Entrepreneurs Center

Jordan Roe
Program Manager

Kim Frazier
Program Director

Jim Heitner
Wright Brothers Institute, Technology Transfer

Alex Duchak