How It Works

The online training program will include nine (9) course modules to be distributed to program participants via online video training. Modules will consist of interactive training content, and be accessible to you to complete wherever you want.


June 5 - June 23

In the coming weeks, apply to Air Force Phase II online training program. It will consist of nine (9) modules ranging from Advanced Customer Discovery (ACD) to Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Development to DoD Selling.


July 22 - July 26

Attend one kickoff meeting with the TEC staff as orientation to this online program. You will meet with the Program Manager who will act as your point of contact for the duration of the training.


July 22 - October 25

Prior to advancing to the next module, the Participant will engage in a 1:1 interaction with TEC staff, and will be required to demonstrate the application of each skill and/or topic to their specific business.



October 25 - December 31

Receive 10 hours of support to work 1:1 with experienced entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, or other professional resources to prepare your business for seeking external sources of capital.

Complete the nine (9) online learning modules (outline below) at the pace you desire over the course of four (4) months. At the end of each module, you will be eligible to unlock the next module upon demonstration of skill application, as mentioned above. The milestone-based learning will ensure your small business has been able to make tangible and significant progress towards commercialization and is prepared to take on customers, both commercial and military.

The nine (9) course modules will include:

Gain a deeper understanding of commercialization and explore your technology's application potential

Advanced Customer Discovery (ACD)

Have the opportunity to showcase your concepts to government and industry leaders

Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Development

Get feedback from government and investors

Customer Acquisition / Market Penetration


Advanced Product Sales


Product Distribution


Strategic Development


Human Research


Organizational Sustainability


DoD Selling


Let’s do this!