The Entrepreneurs Center: a technology commercialization accelerator and incubator.


In 2015, The Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, OH contracted The Entrepreneurs Center to run a pilot program for advancing the commercial pathways of Phase I SBIR recipients. Now they're doing more.

TEC offers an infrastructure that encourages development of innovative, market-oriented, technology-based products and services. The facilities include: fiber optic connection up to 100 mbps; built-in enterprise firewall and a Vodavi XTS Communication System that includes voice mail, conference calling, call forward, caller ID and wireless capability.

This year, TEC is partnering with Wright Brothers
Institute and Air Force SBIR/STTR to work with a select few SBIR/STTR
companies to sculpt business value propositions out of new innovations and
gravitate toward commercialization opportunities.


Our Programs


AFRL SBIR Technology Acceleration Program

Work hands-on with experienced entrepreneurs to unlock the commercial potential of your technology.

Air Force SBIR TAP Phase II Online Training

The online training program will include nine (9) course modules to be distributed to program participants via online video training.

The Entrepreneurs Center
High-Science Incubator & Technology Accelerator

Air Force Research Laboratory
Sponsoring Organization


The Wright Brothers Institute
Experienced Entrepreneurs and Linkage to the Air Force Research Laboratory


Associates & Staff

Scott Koorndyk
President of The Entrepreneurs Center

Chris Wallace
Program Manager

Lauren Tiffan
Program Manager

Nikki Krebs
Wright Brothers Institute, Technology Transfer

Kim Frazier
Program Manager