Leading SBIR Technology Acceleration

By driving connections and providing commercialization resources.

The Entrepreneurs Center: a center for entrepreneurial excellence. We drive meaningful connections and provide significant commercialization resources to small businesses, tech startups and research institutes.

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In partnership with The Air Force Research Laboratory and Wright Brothers Institute in Dayton, OH, our Technology Acceleration Programs (TAP) have served hundreds of companies in understanding SBIR programs, discovering business value within technologies, and developing commercialization pathways.

This TAP infrastructure encourages the development of innovative, market oriented, technology-based products and services.

Our Programs

Finding Commercial Value

» Phase I

In-person (via zoom for now), hands-on training for Phase I awardees to find value in their technologies to pursue Phase II awards. Post-award program.

Building Business Acumen

» Online Training

This online training program includes nine (9) business acumen course modules to be distributed to program participants via online video training.

Leaders & Partners

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Associates & Staff

  • Scott Koorndyk
    Scott Koorndyk President of the Entrepreneurs Center
  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson Vice President of Strategic Programs
  • Lauren Tiffan
    Lauren Tiffan Director of Strategic Programs
  • Tommie Strickland
    Tommie Strickland Wright Brothers Institute, Technology Transfer
  • Kim Frazier
    Kim Frazier Program Manager

For more information, contact sbirtap@tecdayton.com or call us at 937-210-4513