Frequently Asked Questions

What does TAP stand for?

Technology Acceleration Program: we accelerate the growth of your idea or technology by using tools and workshops to refine your business value, plan your commercialization in the defense and commercial sectors, and help you position yourself for optimal potential SBIR success.

Is this an Air Force program?

This program is sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory in collaboration with the Wright Brothers Institute and facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Center.

Who is WBI?

The Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) is a partner of the Air Force Research Laboratory who unlocks critical problems, connects new partners for exposure to new capabilities, and synchronizes transition pathways for technologies.

Who is EC?

Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) is dedicated to supporting all entrepreneurs. From small business, to high-tech, to research commercialization, we offer critical, game-changing resources to start-ups and scale-ups.

Am I guaranteed a SBIR award if I enroll in TAP?

No. While TAP alumni have a much higher-than-average success rate for being awarded SBIR contracts, we do not guarantee that participants will win a SBIR award. SBIR is a highly competitive program.

How does COVID-19 change TAP?

The TAP program will be hosted on a virtual platform until further notice.

What topics are covered?

TAP focuses on customer discovery, value proposition development, market and customer identification, business model development, and positioning for SBIR proposals.

How do I apply?

Apply Here. EC will communicate via email admittance. Once admitted you will be sorted into cohorts.

I participated in the SBIR TAP program previously, am I able to participate again?

We enjoy working with all small businesses and we appreciate that you want to come back through the program. We welcome your participation but we will have to prioritize the placement of first time participants before admitting returning participants. Returning applicants will be eligible based on the receipt of a ‘new’ award and/ or space availability. A ‘new’ award can be a subsequent award for the same technology or a totally new technology or component.

For more information, contact or call us at 937-210-4513